Mirrored Landscape - Andrew Mezvinsky
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Mirrored Landscape

The landscapes biology comes to life, it slowly breaths as the mirrored viewer inhales the vista. In the reflections of how a figure witnessing a panorama can lead to a emptiness in which a small microcosm can be naturally illuminated . Eyes scan the scene and slowly, unhurried, absorb the scents and murmurs of the atmosphere.

The drawing in front brings flattens to already smashed visual space, actually becoming the middle ground as the your reflection fills the foreground and draws your eye to the slowly moving life. When viewing inside the mirror you see the microcosm earthy movements but when the screens are off you are faced with the microcosms that are with in your own body. The duality of the image is blended through the looking glass of a microcosm that lay in front of the viewer lets the eyes…the eyes lazily drift into the existence of another universe.

This series lives where these 2 universe intersect , one in which one is physically reflected back at you and the other an imaginary surreal, bucolic, romanticized atmosphere gasping its first breath as a remember vision.