Nabucco's Hubris - Andrew Mezvinsky
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Nabucco’s Hubris

Nabucco’s Hubris / 32 x 42 / 2015 / collage and mixed media on cut paper

Edition 30

In this multi layered box set brings together the stories of Icarus and Verdi’s Nabucco.

Both had ego, Both were naïve, Both had Hubris, both believed they were better then G-d.

Through each drawing it brings you further into the depths of the story. While the believe that any one or thing is better the G-d is just un-acceptable. One sees how both make a dramatic attempt to prove that they are better, But this is were they are brothers’ Nabucco and Icarus ….they believe that with there actions they can show the world and those around them that they are elevated higher.

In the opera there are many instance of the elevation of Nabucco and the comparison to the flying angel. They both feel the rules do not apply to them.