Works on Paper - Andrew Mezvinsky
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By using the purest tools of drawing techniques and miniature surgical cut outs , these works on paper tell untold stories which blend together history, art and the tradition of commedia dell ‘arte. The final cut out drawings turn into series of 3 dimensional stages.

Dietro Liceo, Davanti Museo

In Works on paper

Socialism Now*here 2008

In Works on paper
Byrd Bath - 12 x 18 cm Series of 62

Byrd bath:The lost diary of robert byrd jr.

In Byrd bath / Works on paper

Government Plague

In Government plague / Works on paper

A moveable feast

In A moveable feast / Works on paper

Chasing the Spring

In Chasing the Spring / Works on paper

Empty dutch masters

In Empty Dutch Masters / Works on paper
Il Fazzoletto - Graphite and Charcoal on cut paper, 127x 231 cm 2011

Il Fazzoletto

In Il Fazoletto / Works on paper

Mirrored Landscape

In Works on paper

Fluid Dynamics: urban differences

In Works on paper