Plating Death - Andrew Mezvinsky
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Plating Death

Plating Death presents two series of work where the artist explores the coating of the memory as a reality. These two series interrelate in how memory interference plays a huge role in society. Both make society overlook the reality of death and fail to notice that what is on their plate once was living.

The installation is composed of two doubles sided sculptural drawings, ceramic plates and a nutritional facts sheet which breaks down the ingredients.

On one hand society has lost touch with the intimacy of its surroundings since farms and slaughtering houses where placed outside the cities. So, when a Chef plates a dish the viewer takes in the beauty and forgets the origins of his nourishment. The first world people forgot that what sits on their plates every evening is in the end just a constant reminder of death. In “ Gefilte Fishing” the ceramic plates slowly come to life depicting a natural scene idealizing the origins of life. The idea is that pure death is displayed and coated over.

On the other hand the artist’s visual memories are combined into a series of sculptural drawings called “Dietro liceo, davanti museo” (behind teen, in-front museum). These double sided pieces address how any young country eg. USA (on the back) comes from the death of the past history (on the front). The coated memories in the front are allegories of trips through Art History.

The installation is a journey that wants to make the viewer re-appropriate the concept of life and death and consequently put them on a equal level of perception.